Ola Granola

Ola is a high-end company that sells organic, locally sourced granola. This variety pack includes 4 unique granola flavors with eye-catching designs and bold, natural colors.
The design focuses on the four main steps of making granola: plant, cultivate, harvest, and cook. This process is demonstrated with 4 elegant line illustrations wrapped around the box. The way these are connected also creates an engaging continuous shelving display when arranged in order.

Ola aims to break free from standard granola brands and create a well-rounded experience that’s not only good for your tastebuds, but also good for the environment.
The top of the four boxes create a modern deconstruction of the Ola wordmark which, when rearranged into a triangle, create the complete version.
As the viewer opens the box, they are surprised with a pop of color and the unexpected triangular boxes. It is then discovered that the illustrations continue across the divide onto the inner containers, corresponding to each flavor.
While most granola comes in plastic bags and is very susceptible to spills, Ola takes a different approach. This knock-down packaging is made of 100% recycled cardstock material with a triangular shape for easy-to-pour spouts.