(Re)Making Monopoly

A modern re-invention of the classic board game, Monopoly, with a focus on more vibrant colors and a stronger emphasis on its Atlantic City roots. Since so much of the game is about making money, and buying properties, this redesign has a much more luxurious style. Not only is the game fully self-contained, but the game spaces are lined with magnets to keep game pieces perfectly in place throughout the game.

The colored borders not only correspond to the railroads directly above it, but also that player’s color and drawer. Slotted drawers pull out of each side to create a space for each player to hold their money and property cards, instead of propping them precariously under the game board.
The middle section lifts up to reveal a storage area for all elements of the board. The game contains a "banker's vault" to store the money, a velvet bag for small pieces, and spaces for the cards and mini slot machine.
To tie in more of an Atlantic City bonus, the rolling dice have been replaced with a miniature slot machine. When the lever is pulled, the machine spins to reveal two dice values. As an added bonus, the roll might occasionally include a Community Chest or Chance icon, allowing the player to pull a card with their turn.
Since buying real estate should be exciting, the property cards were given new life, with bright colors and a sleek design. The original  cards were weighed down with superfluous text, whereas these new cards communicate only the necessary information, using simple iconography.
As a way of encouraging players to go for a full "monopoly," the property cards are designed so that when laid out in order, each set creates a letter in the word, “Monopoly.”
The Community Chest and Chance cards feature large-scale illustrations and bold typography. Due to a recent campaign to upgrade the outdated captions, these cards each feature new, modernized scenarios.
Even such a well-known and beloved game such as Monopoly could benefit from a modernized refresh to bring it into the 21st century. This fresh redesign creates a well-rounded experience for the whole family, as well as an engaging statement piece in one's living room.
Each bill of monopoly money is marked with a famous figure from New Jersey and the Atlantic City area. While the front resembles a more vibrant rendition of a standard bill, the back has a short bio about the figure depicted. All money can be stored for the banker in a sleek “banker’s vault.”