Fortis Magazine

“Fortis” is a fictional music and culture magazine targeted towards the more out-of-the-box consumer. With the Latin name “Fortis,” meaning “strong,” this publication aims to strengthen the power of individual voices and to constantly produce thought-provoking content.

Covers feature a new artist each issue, using colors and photography that highlight each individual artist's style. The simple, sleek masthead frames each image in a focused and engaging way.
Continuing the "B.E." theme, the article takes an unexpected approach, only appearing in the counters of the letter forms. This design not only furthers the theme of loneliness and isolation, but also emphasizes the quiet power that Eilish's music captures.
Using Billie Eilish's initials, B.E., the opening spread creates an abstracted collage, representing her chaotic style. The image also shows Eilish alone, but repeated several times throughout the collage, contrasting the title phrase, "the loneliest generation."
As the viewer opens the magazine, they are taken through a dynamic contents spread, highlighting the feature article. Simple, yet eye-catching typography treatment in the title and page numbers gives a sense of activity and dynamism.