BE - Free From Anxiety

BE is a kit that provides a well-rounded experience designed not only to reduce current stress and anxiety but to provide tools for controlling it in the future. BE is the perfect gift for anyone who might need a relaxing break and a loving reminder that it’s okay to not be okay.

There is a strong emphasis on the name, “BE,” encouraging the viewer to embrace positivity and mindfulness, however they may define it. The carefully curated design combines strong graphics and delicate, hand-drawn elements to create an approachable and balanced design.
With its eye-catching colors and delicate floral illustrations, the box takes the viewer step-by-step through each element of the kit at a relaxing pace. The box form is designed carefully to support this by including lots of stopping points, such as the outer sleeves, lids on each item, and a drawer at the bottom. All these elements extend the experience and provide a satisfying tactile interaction with the product.
Contents include:
fidget toy
6 essential oils
small stuffed animal
deck of daily affirmation cards
anti-stress gummy vitamins.